We are currently looking to add more amazing people to our team!

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PJB is expanding! We are currently looking for a driven individual to join in building the business and delivering outstanding results for our clients!

We need someone to help manage email marketing strategy and execution. We need to choose which emails to send, who to send them to, and how often to send them. There is already a strong structure in place, but there is a lot of decision-making and coordinating involved in scheduling email campaigns.

Responsibilities & Projects

Email List Monetization

  • Working with the team to set the email broadcast calendar based on campaign performance & client goals
  • Automated email sequences, including both abandon cart for leads/prospects, and monetization journeys for all subscribers
  • Developing new initiatives to increase revenue for clients based on current results and past successes
  • Oversight of hygiene and re-engagement campaigns to ensure campaigns are only being sent to the most engaged & interested subscribers

Reporting & Analytics

  • Monitoring KPIs, adjusting calendar & priorities as needed to support monthly revenue targets
  • Continually improving metrics through systematic split testing of campaigns and email copy
  • Monitoring, testing & triaging to ensure that marketing campaigns reach subscribers’ inboxes

Client Management

  • Managing projects to ensure client’s unique brand identity is incorporated into new buyers series, content broadcasts, and blogs
  • Proactively liaising with clients & advertising partners via phone, email, and chat, translating requests & updates into projects and delegating internally. Overseeing these projects to maintain positive partner relationships
  • Onboarding new clients, integrating their email programs into standard company procedures while adjusting to meet unique needs

Skills Preferred

  • Minimum 2 years of work experience
  • Experience in email marketing in general
  • Due to the technical nature of the work, strong attention to detail is absolutely necessary
  • Ability to adapt to changing priorities and to deliver results in a fast-paced environment
  • Comfortable with math & analyzing data: Calculating & comparing metrics, making decisions based on split test results
  • Strong writing & proof-reading skills
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Excel and HTML a plus
  • Located in the US, preferably on Eastern Time, due to the time-sensitivity of some tasks


  • We are looking for a full-time, independent contractor to join our team remotely
  • Compensation is negotiable based on experience