Jordan Berkhiem 4

Jordan Berkhiem


Jordan graduated with a degree in Adventure Tourism, before deciding to work in the tech sector. He started off in the security field, installing and programming security systems on an enterprise level all over Canada.

After meeting his wife, they decided to found PJB and focus on email marketing. Since 2015, Jordan has worked extensively with email marketing. He specializes in large list management, monetization, deliverability optimization, and MarTech integrations.

Jordan has also found his passion for creating reports and analytics for everything to do with email marketing. Since experiencing frustrations with the lack of data in his own business, he knew he was on to something invaluable for his clients. 

Petra Brunnbauer


Petra graduated with a degree in International Relations and decided to kick things off in the corporate world. She worked for the largest mobile carrier in Canada as an account executive and helped bring several new areas to market.

She has owned her own business since she started in web design when she was just 16. Her knowledge about business, finance, sales, and marketing has served her time and time again for projects with clients of all sizes.

Petra is the admin genie behind PJB and makes sure the wheels stay on the bus while Jordan is busy working his email magic. 

Boost your bottom line now and get in touch!

Boost your bottom line now and get in touch!